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I am sure you have heard the saying "Less is more".  This is a very apt saying for presenting a home in its best light.   We all know that first impressions count, and selling your home is no exception. 

Here a few tips to help you make your home appealing. 

When I help with staging, I try to imagine the room in a photograph.  This helps me decide how the room should look. 

Closets and Cupboards: 

  • People when viewing a home definitely peek in closets and cupboards, so  re-organize and clean kitchen cupboards and drawers. 
  • Purchase small dollar store boxes to organize cutlery, baking items and spices. 
  • Remove  magnets and calendars from the door of the refrigerator.   
  • Get your clothes closets organized by storing out of season clothing to create more room. Storage and closet space is a priority for lots of home buyers.

Personal items and clutter: 

  • de-clutter kitchen counters, leaving a coffee maker or toaster only
  • de-clutter bathroom counters and remove personal hygiene items like toothpaste and brushes
  • Remove personal photos mementos to de-personalize your home.  After all we want the buyers to imagine themselves living in the home.  Its also a good idea for personal security. 
  • Remove valuables and prescription medications.

Freshen the air:

  • avoid using strong artificial air fresheners, as many people are allergic to them
  • avoid cooking strong smelling food on the days of a showing.
  • bake cookies or use some vanilla extract on a baking sheet and heat on low in the oven
  • Add fresh flowers to the main rooms and a bowel of lemons in the kitchen


  • Make small repairs to dripping taps, leaky faucets, stiff doors and front door locks.

Let there be light! 

  • Ensure the home is well lit with plenty of natural light or well placed lamps throughout the home.  Opening curtains or drapes and even adding mirrors can reflect more light and make rooms feel more open.

Focal Points for each room:

  • Try rearranging furniture and placing art in strategic positions throughout the home. Each room should have one focal point, whether it is a fireplace, a large piece of furniture, or a piece of art. 
  • Another way to create a focal point is to paint an accent wall in a darker colour creating a feature wall.

Colour choices

  • When selling a home you need to appeal to the biggest audience. But, colour is a very personal choice.   You don't necessarily have to paint you home completely in beige or grey though.   There are thousands of neutrals which are really muted colours like  greens and even blues. To these primary colours a small amount of a complementary colour is added which subdues the primary colours.    Muted colours are what you need to use if you want to stage your home.