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First Impressions count! 

First, it is important that you take a good, hard look at the first impression your property makes. Whatever you see, that's what they will see. If it's flaking paint and a messy yard, they may feel the home needs a lot of work. Here are some investments in your home's exterior that I've found through firsthand experience can pay huge dividends.


Even if your home doesn't need the complete painting, it is a good idea to check the trim around windows and doorways for cracking or peeling, and do any necessary touch-up work. Also, give your front entrance  door a fresh coat of paint in an accent colour. 


With very little financial investment you can improve the look of your home from the street.  If you already have some basic foundation plantings and they are a little overgrown, all you need to do is prune the existing trees, shrubs and bushes. By adding  some colourful flowering plants and some mulch and your garden will be the envy of the street. Also, ensure the front steps are safe and the walkways are free of weeds.  If your lawn is damaged in sections, the best solution is to replace it with sod.  

If you have no foundation planting at all, place large planters to accent the walkway and entrance to the home .  In winter these can be filled with coniferous boughs, birch boughs and pine cones.    

The Driveway

 If yours is in good condition, make sure you keep it swept and neatly edged where it meets the lawn. If yours is cracked, buckled or oil-stained, fix it. Patching concrete can be a problem because matching colour is difficult: tar and asphalt are relatively easy to match.

Decks and Patios

These can be popular additions that add value to the property, especially with smaller homes, because they add leisure space. Take the time to stage your deck with patio furniture and planters creating a welcoming  space.